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Triathlon 2014

As a tri-newbie, I planned on doing at least 2 sprint triathlons (4-18-4 events).  During training I started to realize that I could do more, supposedly without much problem.  So mid 2014 i signed up for allborg 1/4 ironman, 2 and 1/2 times as long as the 4-18-4 events.  Going into the event, I had expected a time of 2:30 to 3:00, based on my best 4-18-4 time of 1:07.  The biggest unknown was the nutrition, which almost is irrelevant at shorter distances.

Aalborg 1/4 ironman, going into the run i was placed 61, at the end i was placed 157, which means i was passed by almost 100 people over 10km. Now, The run in triathlon is hard enough, but entirely demoralizing when getting passed by someone every 40 seconds.  That being said, I usually run faster and forgot to drink enough while on the bike which lead to my midsection seizing up big time the last 5km.  In training I usually run 5:30 to 5:45 per kilometer.  All in all, I finished at 2.51:24 which is around where I expected to be.

Conclusions for 2014 to use in 2015 planning:

  • Run - now that I can manage to run for 50 min without stopping several times a week, I feel that my joints can handle real training which is what I need to get into.  Not just going out and running as I did this year.
  • Weight - Drop weight, will help a lot on the cycling, and run.  by in large I've been 98kg through out 2014 events, I need to hit 92kg (min weight for clydesdale category) for next season.  Any lower than 92kg and i will definitely have to lose muscle, which is not something I'd be comfortable with.  Would love to see the Clydesdale category here in Denmark, but I haven't heard of any events yet, and rather doubt it will show up. 
  • Weightlifting - Before triathlon I primarily lifted weights (which is why I have a hard time finding triathlon clothes, apparently true triathletes are born without arms or shoulders).    I still lift weights regularly but in 2014 stopped training legs.  With hamstring and glute pain when running and cycling throught the last 4 months up to allborg triathlon, I'm convinced I need to keep leg training in the program to keep hamstring, glue, and Achilles tendons in check while pushing harder on the run.  Still unsure how to do strength training on legs while doing cardio as well.
  • Cycling - If strava is right, I pushed 240 watts average, with peaks on climbs and some sections at around 390 watts without digging too deep.  I'm very happy with those numbers.  winter months should be used getting the general watt numbers up or keep at that level, otherwise keep doing what I'm doing and drop the weight, which will have a huge impact on what those watts can do.
  • Cycling - Don't let the disk wheel tempt me.  I have a nasty habbit of painting a target on guys running disk wheels and 10000$ bikes, and blasting past them on my old trek 1000, it puts one big smile on my face.  I know I can, but I need to keep the consequences in mind and race my own race.  It hasn't cost me anything yet, but if I get out there around the serious guys, that obsession might kill me in that i'll start to find people who have good equipment and have trained at least as much as me. 
  • Cycling shoes  - get some tri specific cycling shoes, or train strapping my cycling shoes after hopping on the bike.  The last race had a horrible headwind heading out on the bike course, so stopping pedaling and fixing the straps was much harder.  I've been stuck having to ride several kilometers without having properly strapped my shoes and thus cant get into a good rhythm. 
  • Aero helm - yea, have to check into that. it's the only non-expensive thing I can get beyond my current setup which will give me free speed.  would prefer casco speedster to everyday and tri.  But at 800kr min, 1000kr with visor, it's substantially higher priced than the bell meteor which I can pick up for 300, and I'd hope nobody ever took a picture of me with that thing on.  Not sure where to go with that yet. 
  • Wheels - My old fulcrum racing 7 rims are probably rather unsafe now.  the braking indicator on the rims were wore out on the back when I got the bike.  I've put about 6000km on them the last few years and they were nowhere near new when I got them.  not to mention the previous owner had a crash and the front wheel is permanently bent at one place.  Looking at fulcrum racing quattros as a replacement.